“Champagne De Watère creates inimitable Champagnes for life’s special occasions using precise manual work processes.”

Martin A. Konorza, Président Champagne De Watère

The finest compositions of exquisite grapes

The Champagne De Watère brand is a tribute to the French ancestors of the company’s founder. The first ancestor on record by the name of “De Watère” was a Frenchman, who was referred to in the Doomsday Book in England in 1086. Therefore, his family’s roots date back even further than champagne itself.

Champagne De Watère’s uniqueness can also be explained by its age-old tradition. The Cuvées are normally fine blends of grapes from two consecutive years. In the process, only top-grade grapes from each harvest are used. Therefore, the Cuvées can only be produced in very small quantities.

The Champagne of the Champagne De Watère label is bottled in Vallée de la Marne, the area within the Champagne region with the largest area of cultivable land. The grapes are grown there under optimal conditions. The semi-continental climate in the Champagne region has two significant advantages: low annual rainfall and at the same time, long periods of sunshine. This allows the grapes to reach the ideal level of ripeness, which enhances the freshness and finesse of the Champagne.

In order to ensure that the special flavour of the Champagne can develop, it is given an extremely long time to mature. The Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Blanc matures up to 45 months in old chalk caves, some of which date back to Roman times.

The Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Rosé de Saignée matures up to 85 months. It is produced using the Saignée method, a rare and highly complex process. Its colour develops without the addition of red wine. In the mash, consisting of must, berry skins and grape seeds, the pigments are extracted from the berry skins until the perfect colour is achieved. This method requires a great deal of time and experience.

This and the traditional production of Champagne De Watère make it so unadulterated, authentic and full of character. The quality promise of the company’s founder applies to each and every bottle. That is why he personally checks them prior to selling and delivering them to the customers.