“An eco-sensitive production is just common sense when creating great champagne. Any artificial tampering will be evident on the palate. Our traditional methods allow nature to show what it is capable of.”

Martin A. Konorza, Président Champagne De Watère

Completely committed to the traditional craft

What makes Champagne De Watère so exceptional? Its traditional production. This exquisite Champagne is created according to the original craftsmanship and traditional cultivation practices. Here, De Watère solely relies on the specific techniques used for production more than 200 years ago.

As much work as possible is conducted without the support of machinery. The grapes are exclusively hand-picked and the vineyards are ploughed by horses. This is gentler on the sensitive soil and avoids the emission of pollutants. These methods not only benefit the environment but above all, the quality and purity of the grapes.

At Champagne De Watère, the highest degree of quality is always the top key factor for all company activities. This explains why the Champagnes are given a great deal of time to mature and develop their full abundance in flavour.

Martin A. Konorza, Président Champagne De Watère

The establishment of the company was based on Martin A. Konorza’s vision: To create a product, which made life’s special occasions even more memorable. Therefore, Champagne De Watère was consciously created as an alternative to mass-produced champagne.

Those who enjoy Champagne De Watère appreciate the exceptional taste of the Champagne. It is not merely about pure luxury or exclusiveness. These exquisite Champagnes are distinctive, they embody the genuine, unadulterated taste of champagne.

The brand’s image is elegant and reserved – quite the contrary to the ongoing trend towards the more and more emphatic design of a sparkling party drink. Because one thing is fundamental to Champagne De Watère: The customers and their occasions are paramount. Genuine champagne supports the customers in putting themselves in the limelight in a classy fashion.