Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Blanc 80 percent Pinot Noir and 20 percent Chardonnay

The Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Blanc by Champagne De Watère is made from 80 percent Pinot Noir and 20 percent Chardonnay grapes. Its multifaceted blend of freshness and maturity manifests itself in a brilliant, translucent shade of gold. Its complex aromas include hints of cinnamon and exotic fruits.

This Champagne matures up to 45 months– longer than most other types of champagne – in two-thousand-year old chalk caves. It is this exceptionally long maturation period in combination with the highest quality grapes that allows this Champagne to develop its rich flavour and unusually fine “Perlage”. The same traditional viticulture methods used in the production of luxury champagne over 200 years ago are still used in the production of this champagne today. The work is carried out by hand as much as possible, including the grape harvest. The vineyard ploughs are drawn by horses rather than tractors. This is gentler on the sensitive soil and allows the wines’ roots to develop fully. Furthermore, this avoids the emission of pollutants, which has a positive effect on the environment and the purity of the grapes.

Champagne De Watère Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Blanc received the rarely awarded “Great Gold” Medal at the International Wine Guide Awards 2016. In addition to the Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Rosé de Saignée, the blanc is the only multi-vintage Champagne to win this medal.

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On the back label, three dates can be found. Their format is dd/mm/yy (after 2000).

  1. The date next to “Tirage” indicates the day the grape juice was filled into the bottle and the second ripening process began. Since Champagne De Watère uses juice from two consecutive years in the ratio 1:1, the later year is printed on the bottle. “Tirage” is a liquor consisting of sugar and yeast, used during the so called “Méthode Champenoise” (special bottle fermentation in the champagne industry) to induce the second fermentation, when alcohol and CO2 derive from glucose and the fine “Perlage” (bubbles) emerges.

  2. “Degorge” indicates the day the Champagne was “degorged”, meaning when the yeast was removed and the “Dosage” was added. “Dosage” is a little dose of reserve wine which gives champagnes their final character and determines the level of sweetness. In case of Champagne De Watère, this is Brut (little sugar). In general, the longer the champagne was on the yeast, the finer the “Perlage” becomes and the more silk-like the feel on the palate and the tongue. Also, because of the long ripening, Champagnes by De Watère are very balanced yet fruity in character.

  3. “LOT” means the date when the bottle was ‘dressed’; meaning when the labels came on and when the bottle was packaged for final delivery to Champagne De Watère customers.

Most Cuvée-Champagnes mature for approximately 15 months. The Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Blanc and the Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Rosé de Saignée by Champagne De Watère are characterized by an extraordinary long maturing time: between two to four (Blanc) and six to seven (Rosé) years. The result: A Champagne that is very rich in taste and very fine in “Perlage”.

After the “Degorge” and the addition of the “Dosage” the Champagnes are stored for two more months before being sent to the customers. During this time the “Dosage” and the Champagne merge perfectly and Champagne De Watère develops its extraordinary and authentic taste.

To ensure Champagne De Watère stays in perfect condition, the Champagne De Watère bottles should be stored in a dark, dry and cool place, away from other food and strong-smelling objects; for example onions or perfume. Their odour might in some cases be able to penetrate the Champagne through its cork and offset its taste. Perfect for storing is a wine refrigerator or a wine cellar. Of course, storing Champagne De Watère in a common refrigerator is absolutely no problem.

International Wine Guide Awards 2016

The prestigious “Great Gold” Medal is only awarded to champagnes with outstanding quality and taste. In 2016, out of thousands of participating wines, only six “Great Gold” Medals were won by champagnes. Champagne De Watère was awarded with two “Great Gold” Medals – one for the Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Blanc and one for the Cuvée Premier Cru Brut Rosé de Saignée. This makes Champagne De Watère the only Champagne brand whose entire selection has won a medal; and “Great Gold” for both at that!